About us & what DSD has to offer


Want to be coached by former Olympic athletes?

We have a wealth of experience in the sport and our training covers a vast age range. We can offer after school activities that will keeps your sons or daughters active, entertained and challenged? and in many cases they can excel to achieving regional and national honours as shown with our current athletes.

Coaching Level 1

Athletic Development Beginners

10 year olds and above

Development of complex movement patterns

Key focus on agility, speed and stamina

Introduction to athletic events

Competitive games and tasks both individual and team based

Coaching level 2

Athletic Development Intermediate

10 year olds and above

Complete range of athletic events covered

Technical training concepts introduced and practiced

Emphasis on fitness and conditioning

Coaching Level 3

Athletic Development Advanced

Club level training for 11+

Focus on key event groups such as sprints, endurance, jumps and throws

Strong element of fitness and conditioning

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All coaches are DBS checked and authorised by British Athletics Booking

We are located at:

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Albert Rd, London SE25 4QL

Contact us on 07801-940-343 Donovan

After School Clubs

Our training sessions are designed to cover the following:

  1. Agility, Balance & Co-ordination
  2. Flexibility
  3. Increasing stamina, Speed and Strength
  4. Focus on key event groups: sprints, jump, throw and endurance
  5. Focus on good technique as well as fitness and conditioning


Our Merchandise is coming soon

  1. Tee Shirts
  2. Sweat Shirts
  3. Track Suits
  4. Hats